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Cetina rafting avantura

CLIENT location : Omiš
CLIENT industry: Tourism

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Unforgettable moments on Cetina
The charms of Dalmatia are not only the coast, the sea…

“Cetina-raft” reveals to you a different Dalmatia, hidden right behind the mountain, in the beauty of the crystal clear Cetina river, with marvelous waterfalls, cinematically beautiful deep canyons (the movie “Winnetou” was shot there), tame rainforests, hidden caves, river islands, gentle rapids and fairy-tale old mills.

We are taking you on an unforgettable trip – RAFTING ON THE CETINI – you will experience a pleasant three-hour rafting ride without great dangers and see all the beauty of untouched nature.

On the gentle rapids you will ride on the waves, and on the calm parts of the river the river itself will carry you while you enjoy looking at the harmonious beauty and talking to the birds. You will swim and dive in a pleasantly warm river, peek into the secrets of caves, and refresh yourself with the water of crystal clear waterfalls.

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