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CLIENT location: Viškovo, Croatia
CLIENT industry: Beauty & Health
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Behind the name MS Store stands 27-year-old entrepreneur Marija Šaja Fantina. At the age of 17, she founded MS Store in March 2013. Personalized bracelets, unique earrings and necklaces and some other fashion details were the first products that Marija made by hand during breaks from studying. Good word spreads quickly, so MS Store has gathered a large number of followers and potential customers on social networks in a very short period of time. Making jewelry for Maria was no longer just a hobby for which she spent only a few hours a day, but grew into a job to which she had to devote much more than that. Work, effort, renunciation and persistence are key on the way to success. Today, after 9 years, the MS Store offers over 100 different products, and the offer continues to expand day by day.

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  • WordPress ms store products website
  • Webshop
  • Website according to customer requirements