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Poljoprivredna zadruga RIT

CLIENT location: Zagreb, Croatia
CLIENT industry: Education
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Zadruga RIT

Poljoprivredna zadruga RIT

The agricultural cooperative Rit from Lug, Baranja is slowly moving towards the new strategies of the European Union thanks to the persistent cooperative members. Founded in 1999 with 77 cooperative members, and today we are 27 cooperative members, as young as they are old, holding the economy together in their hands. The headquarters was initially in Bilje, at the entrance of which we built a cold storage facility with the help of the American government. We moved from Bilje to Lug, where there was already a cooperative. In a transitional crisis period, we sold the refrigerator and a part of the inventory in order to renew the old machinery and build a similar refrigerator in the village. We are now planning the future development of the cooperative, cooperative members, town, municipality and region with a smart village and European funds.

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